In business and many other aspects of Connecticut life there is a critical rule of thumb that deserves to be followed — put it in writing. Whether you are entering into a deal that exchanges money for good or services or you are resolving to take some action, experts tend to agree that there is value in putting the details into black and white.

It’s with that mentality that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has decided to go more public with its Contract for Safety. What used to be a document that was only available through iTunes is now generally available on the MSF’s own website. The group appears to be saying that by making the form more accessible it will reduce the number of motorcycle accidents that result in serious or fatal injury.

As anyone who has had the experience of riding a motorcycle knows, it can be a thrill. At the same time, it is not without its risks. Still, motorcycle riding is legal and all motorists are responsible for doing what they can to be sure the highest level of safety for all drivers is maintained.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the negligence of others that can result in serious or fatal injuries to motorcyclists. That puts a great deal of the safety burden on motorcyclists themselves, and that is what the MSF contract hopes to address.

At the heart of the document is an acknowledgment that those who have the yen to ride have a responsibility to loved ones who may be worried for their safety. Part of the contract’s preamble is an admission that if a motorcyclist is hurt while riding, that it will affect the lives of a lot of other people.

Then the pact provides a list of actions to which riders can commit to be as safe as they can be. These include agreeing to adopt an attitude of higher situational awareness when on the road, wearing appropriate safety gear, learning and practicing motorcycle-specific defensive driving, and getting properly licensed and insured.

Putting something in writing clearly has its advantages. It can’t, however, prevent potentially catastrophic accidents. When they occur, another commitment that is worth making is to protect your rights to compensation by contacting an experienced attorney.