The mother of two children killed in a deadly car crash last week in Bristol, Connecticut, is said to be working with an attorney, even as she recovers from her own injuries suffered in the wreck. Seeking such help of an experienced personal injury lawyer is always recommended. In this case, it may be crucial in ensuring that the facts of the incident are nailed down and to hold the responsible party fully accountable.

At this point, there appears to be some significant confusion over what may have occurred. When police first reported the accident, they told news outlets that the mother of the two little girls, aged seven and four, had crossed over the center yellow line. She was driving a compact car. Her vehicle collided with a Ford Windstar van.

But days later, the woman’s family said that police had admitted that they had been mistaken — that it was the van that had crossed over the center lines. The NBC TV affiliate in Bristol says police won’t confirm that their previous information was incorrect. They do say that the investigation is continuing and that more witnesses have been interviewed since the crash.

What is not in dispute is that there are two young children dead and four other people injured as a result of this crash. The mother and an adult male passenger from the compact car are reportedly recovering. The Bristol Press reports that the driver and a second person in the van were also seriously hurt in the crash.

Meanwhile, the mother’s attorney is asking for the public to respect his client’s privacy at this time of deep loss. He says he is confident that when the police investigation is completed it will show that she was not responsible in any way.

Source:, “Family of 2 Girls Who Died in Bristol Crash Disputes Police Account,” Catalina Trivino, Dec. 17, 2015