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October 2015 Archives

So cars can drive themselves. Are they philosophically ready to?

Anyone who drives knows there's more to the task than just obeying the law. There can be situations in which two choices may present themselves, both of which may violate the law. But a decision has to be made. Hopefully, the person behind the wheel has enough of a foundation in ethics to make a well-reasoned snap judgment between the two evils.

The value of inflation in preventing motorcycle injury

Out-of-control inflation is a bad thing economically. Frankly, out-of-control inflation isn't all that great in some other contexts, either. Consider the number of automotive air bags that are now under recall because of the risk that they may be faulty and do more harm than good on deployment. But when it comes to motorcycle safety, there are some who are suggesting that inflation has never been so good.

Motorcycle makers' pooling effort could improve safety

Mark Twain gets the credit for the quip, "Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." Whether he actually every wrote it or said it is a debate we don't plan to settle here. Rather, the line comes to mind when reflecting on motorcycle safety. A lot of people talk about it but nothing seems to ever get done.

A lot of factors can influence strategy in a personal injury case

There is more to pursuing a civil suit than simply filing the paperwork. This is something that anyone in Connecticut who believes they have a case needs to be aware of. In addition to determining whether the claim stands a chance of being successful under the law, it is important to know whether there is any statute of limitations on taking action. Typically there is.

Attention to body language may prevent dog attacks

There are few things as heart rending as when someone falls victim to a brutal assault by a dog. Very often the victim is an unsuspecting small child or frail senior citizen. The dog doesn't have to be a giant mastiff or German shepherd. Little dogs can attack just as viciously as big ones. The trauma inflicted can be devastating.