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September 2015 Archives

Judge: Life, not viability, crux of infant's wrongful death case

When it comes to whether a wrongful death claim can be pursued for the loss of a premature infant, the fact the newborn was born alive rather than its chances of survival is key. That's the determination of a Connecticut Superior Court judge.

Widely used road guardrails face more testing over safety

Having the word trinity attached to your product might give your company some instant branding credibility. The connotation may carry a lot of weight with people of some faiths. But if the product to which the word is associated is suspected of causing more harm than good, such branding can backfire. This is something that Trinity Industries Inc. may be learning very directly.

Sandy Hook far from forgotten as 3-year mark nears

The thing about an unfathomable tragedy is that it never really goes away. Some of the details of what happened might fade from memory over time and blend into the fabric of the culture of the community, but the hard reality of the occurrences remain just under the surface.