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July 2015 Archives

Motorcycle safety gear may cost a pretty penny, but it's worth it

What is the allure of motorcycling? According to some, it represents the last measure of adventure for those in our urbanized society. Straddle a motorcycle and you can be taken back to the days when travel was done on horseback. The big difference is that you now ride with the speed of a fine touring vehicle that can take the curves of a twisty Connecticut road.

With statute of limitations looming, liability suit gets filed

In our last post we set up a hypothetical situation involving a slip and fall to highlight the importance of taking decisive action soon after suffering an injury. The reason for this is that the law imposes statutes of limitations and they vary from state to state. Unless you are aware of the specific rules, whether you are in Connecticut or some other state, you could find yourself unable to pursue any recovery action for compensation.