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June 2015 Archives

After a crash, insecurity may be eased with clear action

It doesn't take a great deal of trauma to send a person into shock. One open wound on a limb or a knock to the head is enough to do it. In some cases you don't necessarily even have to have suffered an injury. You can be involved in a car accident and come out relatively unscathed and still suffer some level of shock.

When you don't know what you don't know, it can be deadly

Consumers in Connecticut and the rest of the country are big fans of taking vitamins and other dietary supplements. It's estimated to be a $26 billion industry. It has seen double-digit growth in the past five years. And according to one market research firm, vitamin supplements for the pediatric set accounts for nearly $575 million of the total.

Are parents liable in accidents involving teen drivers?

Most Connecticut teenagers can't wait to come of the age when they can get their license to drive. That age is 16. It's a big moment. It's also a lot of responsibility to place in the hands of someone who is so young and inexperienced at a task that can have such serious repercussions if something goes wrong.

Who pays the freight for a dog bite injury claim?

Dogs and cats are the most common pets we humans tend to have. It should not be surprising, then, that they are responsible for the vast majority of serious animal bites. But let's not forget that they are not the only animal companions we keep. Some people like their rodents. Others like their reptiles. Some prefer exotic feathered friends. Ferrets fall into an altogether different category. And then there are the big animals like horses.

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