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May 2015 Archives

First suit in biker gun battle casts restaurant as victim

A slogan typically associated with the National Rifle Association goes, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." We aren't here to debate the merits of the statement or the relative value or danger of gun control efforts. Rather, the issue we look to address in this post builds off the second sentence in that phrase.

Autonomous cars seem futuristic. Liability questions are current

Self-driving cars aren't even on the radar for the majority of people. But all the experts say that's going to change over the next few decades. The fact is that there are a few fully autonomous vehicles already on the road in states other than Connecticut. But even here there are some vehicles that have semi-autonomous capabilities like adaptive cruise control.

Distance from deadly derailment doesn't diminish horror

Life in Connecticut and the rest of the northeastern U.S. is not quite like anywhere else in the country. The history of the region going back to colonial days and the number of states closely packed together tends to feed a sense that even if something happens hundreds of miles away, it is as if it occurred close to home.

Wave of lawsuits over 2013 Metro-North wreck not a surprise

Imagine that you are caught up in a major motor vehicle accident. It wasn't your fault. Someone else's negligence or recklessness was to blame. In this particular case, you seem to luckily have been spared. You walk away from the scene without any apparent injury. But then, over time, you find that you are suffering from health conditions that weren't there before.

Recall-itis strikes Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Motorcycles are fun. They're also risky rides. The lack of the safety devices standard with most vehicles means that an accident can leave drivers and passengers of motorcycles seriously hurt in an accident. If the crash is survived, the injuries caused can take longer to heal than might otherwise be the case.