It is a sad truth that it is sometimes impossible to gauge the full level of the devastation in the immediate aftermath of an injury-causing accident. Yes, you can see the physical damage that may have resulted right away. But so many other factors may play a role in the eventual outcome that it can be difficult to anticipate what might develop.

Last month we wrote about horrors of a dog attack suffered by an elderly Plainville woman. She was seriously injured by a stray pit bull. Also injured in the attack, but less seriously, was a man who was delivering Meals on Wheels to the 89-year-old victim.

The attack was so vicious that flesh of the woman’s hands was reportedly stripped to the bone. She was hospitalized for several weeks in early March. At last word we heard that she had been moved to a nursing home. It’s not clear from the news story whether the move was for rehabilitation or is permanent.

Our earlier post attempted to highlight that Connecticut law holds owners of dogs accountable for their pets. Regardless of whether the pet is in the care of the owner or someone else, it must always be under control. If an attack occurs, victims have a right to seek compensation.

Of course holding the owner accountable depends on knowing who the owner is. That is an issue that authorities say is yet unresolved in this case.

The dog was captured by animal control after the attack and has since been put down. It wore no tags and officials say it also hadn’t been tagged with an under-the-skin microchip. They say the area where the attack happened is remote and people often abandon dogs there. They suspect that’s what happened in this instance, but police say the case is still open and the public’s help finding the owner would be welcome.