Police at the University of Connecticut, Storrs campus, have something of a mystery on their hands. The school administration may have something more serious than that to deal with depending on how things play out.

Officials say an unidentified male UConn student is hospitalized in critical condition after plunging from the Biophysics Building late Saturday night. Officials are refusing to go into much detail about what happened at this point. They say they are still investigating.

What they reportedly have confirmed is that the individual was alone on the roof at the time and that the area is not open to the public. They also say that no foul play is suspected.

News reports say the 110-foot-tall building is the tallest on campus. Some reports say the victim fell more than 50 feet and that he landed in a snow bank, which might have prevented him from being hurt worse. Fortunately, there were people around despite the late hour and they called 911.

Among the questions that would seem to need answers are what was this young man doing up on the roof at that time? Was he working on a project for studies? Did he have authorization to be on the roof? If this was an attempted suicide, was the school aware of the student’s mental state, and had campus health services worked with him? Had the school done all it could to prevent access to the dangerous area of the property?

Answers to all these questions could be critical in assessing potential premises liability for this tragic situation.