You’re on your way home from work or running an errand and you come across a wandering dog. The animal has a collar and tags and so you see what you can do to get it back to its owner. At first all goes well. But suddenly, for no clear reason to you, the dog turns on you and attacks.

You wind up hospitalized for several days and face the prospect of multiple surgeries to deal with the physical damage you’ve suffered. You might even have some emotional trauma to deal with after such an event. Do you have a claim? The chances are good that you do.

As we have noted before on our blog, Connecticut law is quite clear on the subject of owner liability in cases of dog attacks. It states that dogs must be under control at all times. If it’s off the owner’s property or in the care of another keeper, it must be on a leash. And, except in instances when an attack victim was trespassing on the owner’s property or committing some other wrongful act, the owner can be held liable.

So, in the scenario described at the start of this post, the individual who was attacked would likely be eligible to seek recovery for any injuries endured or damage to the vehicle incurred. But the same might not hold true if the animal happened to be a stray without identifying licensure or tags.

What is likely to be certain in any case of dog attack is that medical treatment is going to be needed. Expenses will be associated with that recovery. And recuperation may result in time off from work that results in a loss of income. All those issues may warrant appropriate compensation. To make a determination of what is possible, it’s best to speak with an attorney.