There are times when events occur that end in the loss of a loved one’s life. When they occur purely by accident it doesn’t ease the pain of the loss, but it may be somewhat easier to accept as simply a matter of fate. When they occur because of something that could have been prevented, the loss is bound to be felt more acutely.

Seeking to hold someone accountable may not only be understandable, there might even be a feeling that it is called for. But whether a viable case exists under Connecticut law, consisting of provable negligence that entitles you to due compensation, is something that can only be resolved by consulting with an experienced attorney.

This may be a particularly important question to explore in situations like one that has hit the headlines out of California. Officials at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA have confirmed that seven of its patients became infected with an antibiotic-resistant microbe after undergoing procedures at the facility using contaminated duodenoscopes. Two of them died. And now officials say nearly 180 others may have been exposed, as well.

In the view of some, this might be considered one of those “never event” situations that health care quality officials are struggling to eliminate. According to the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, patient deaths or injuries in hospitals from contaminated devices just should never happen.

But the hospital admits they did in this case and says that’s even though the scopes were cleaned between uses following the manufacturer’s standards. As a result of the deaths stricter sterilization procedures are now being used. It comes a little too late for some.

It can be difficult to know if a particular case rises to a level that warrants consideration as a wrongful death claim. Establishing a claim’s legitimacy is something that depends on appropriate legal framing by experienced attorneys. To set up a confidential free consultation about the elements of your case, we invite you to call our East Hartford office.