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February 2015 Archives

Where is asbestos likely to be found today?

Asbestos is one of those double-edged swords. Its properties make it an amazing shield against heat, fire and chemical exposure on one hand. But, if fibers are inhaled, asbestos can also be a significant hazard to human health. It's known to increase the risk of an array of health conditions from nonmalignant breathing disorders to cancers of the lung and of the chest and abdomen. That's mesothelioma.

Apparent 'never event' sparks alert about deadly infection

There are times when events occur that end in the loss of a loved one's life. When they occur purely by accident it doesn't ease the pain of the loss, but it may be somewhat easier to accept as simply a matter of fate. When they occur because of something that could have been prevented, the loss is bound to be felt more acutely.

Want a distraction from CT winter? Think motorcycle safety

What a difference a couple of months make. Just ahead of Christmas we were writing about how the weather was so balmy that motorcycles might still be out and about. We venture to guess that such a sight today would be rarer than a yeti in a fur coat.

Air bags are life-savers, but they must work each and every time

For all of the traffic hazards we continue to face in the United States, it's nonetheless clear that driving is safer now than it used to be. This is largely thanks to improvements in automobile safety technology that protects drivers and passengers during crashes, reducing injuries and fatalities.

Bit by a dog? Whether you have a claim depends on circumstances

You're on your way home from work or running an errand and you come across a wandering dog. The animal has a collar and tags and so you see what you can do to get it back to its owner. At first all goes well. But suddenly, for no clear reason to you, the dog turns on you and attacks.