Snow storms like the one that just slammed Connecticut and other points east and north have a way of proving to be the source of some significant double-barreled headaches.

Onslaughts like those of the past few days with measurements in the 20-inch range have to be met and the snow cleared away. But as doctors have been quick to say, folks need to be particularly careful not to overdo the digging out effort. Otherwise, they could find themselves in the hospital.

At the same time, property and business owners have to be conscious of the fact that if they don’t get out there and take care of the massive blanketing, they could face some level of liability if someone slips, trips, falls and suffers serious injury. In the face of apparent negligence that results in dangerous property conditions, compensation can and may well be sought.

Making things particularly tricky now are the forecasts that say that in the wake of the blizzard, we can expect additional snowfall starting Friday and possibly lasting on into Sunday. This time, it will start as snow and the outlook is that it could turn to a mix of precipitation that could make Monday treacherous.

Dealing with the immediate issue in front of us, doctors at Hartford Hospital are urging residents to be especially mindful of their bodies as they try to shovel out from the blizzard. Throwing out the back is an obvious concern, so the doctors suggest pushing the heaviest snow to the side. If lifting needs to be done, do it in small increments and lift with the legs.

If you start to feel chest pain and can’t get your breath, the doctors say it’s time to take a break. Go inside. If the bad conditions continue for more than five minutes, it’s time to consider calling 911.

Taking precautions is something that we can all do to be sure we all stay safe.

Source: WTNH-TV, “Keep snow shoveling from leaving you hospitalized,” Jocelyn Maminta and Matt Buynak, Jan. 25, 2014