The question above is not an uncommon one. No matter what kind of accident a person in Connecticut is involved in, among the questions that may be asked is whether an attorney is needed.

What we would like to suggest is that perhaps the premise of the question deserves to be modified just a bit. Instead of asking whether an attorney is needed, it might be better to ask what advantage might there be in consulting with an attorney?

If no injury was suffered in an accident, there might be no reason to speak with an attorney. But the question posed for this posting indicates that some level of injury did occur. In addition, at least one commercial vehicle, the taxi, was involved.

In such circumstances, consulting with an attorney might not only be advantageous, but there likely would be no downside in doing so. Most often cases like the hypothetical one framed here are handled on a contingency basis, meaning that no fee for legal service is paid unless a damage award is obtained.

Many attorneys are also open to providing a free initial consultation to help you understand your rights and to determine what your options may be in terms of seeking recovery and compensation.

Another reason to consider seeking the advice of an experienced attorney if you are injured while riding in a taxicab is that you don’t know what kind of reception you will receive from the cab company. Like most commercial vehicle operators, they count on their insurance companies to handle claims and may well ignore the customer.

Considering that many people really don’t know what their rights are and often fail to comprehend just how deleteriously they can be affected by injuries they suffer, it seems reasonable to ask why someone wouldn’t contact an attorney?

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