The weather outside is frightful, so the holiday song goes. For those of us taking comfort in front of a cozy fire, that may not be any big deal. But out on the freeways, streets and windy roads of the Connecticut countryside, cars and trucks still are making their way around.

It’s at times like these that it may be good to remember that we all have some responsibility to ensure that when we are behind the wheel we are exercising the greatest level of care possible. To do anything less means a heightened risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident that could result in us or someone else being seriously injured or killed.

Whenever such accidents occur, the damages suffered can be great. They could include loss of income because of being unable to work. Depending on the nature of the injuries, there could be exorbitant medical costs that have to be met. If normal activities of daily living can’t be maintained, outside services may have to be enlisted and paid for. Seeking compensation with the help of an attorney is something that always should be examined.

There can be many causes of motor vehicle crashes. Negligence in the form of distracted driving or speeding can be blamed in many instances. In others, it may be a situation in which a commercial truck driver has pushed beyond the limits of his or her endurance and grown tired. Regardless of the reasons, those who are responsible need to be held accountable and those injured have a right to seek recovery for their losses.

Currently, the big issue we face in Connecticut may be failing to drive appropriately for weather conditions. Winter is always somewhat treacherous, but one meteorologist says conditions today are some of the worst we have faced in a while. Rain has slicked up roads and sidewalks throughout the region. Temperatures are low. And state police report to the Hartford Courant that troopers responded to some 50 crashes this morning alone. Fortunately there were no serious injuries.

All that being the case, the onus is clearly on us all to exercise extra caution.