Dogs may be man’s best friend, but when they attack they can become man’s worst nightmare. Even small dogs have that bit of wolf still in them and some have been known to become extremely vicious with little provocation. And when that happens, the target of the aggression can sometimes be taken by complete surprise.

Some attacks may be nothing more than little nips. But all too often the assault is significant and the results horrifying. Victims can suffer physical scars that never go away. And the emotional trauma of an attack is something that can haunt them for the rest of their lives. Any encounter with any dog, no matter the circumstances, can leave them rattled. In some cases, the physical and mental damage is such that a person is literally disabled and unable to live life or do the work they used to.

These are conditions that need not stand. The law in Connecticut is quite clear. Those who own dogs are legally responsible to keep their dogs under careful control. If they allow the animal to have free reign and it winds up causing damage to the body or the property of another individual, the dog owner “shall be liable” for the suffering that results.

But knowing what can be accounted for under the scope of damage and injury isn’t something about which most people are knowledgeable. And their understanding of the law in this regard is often even less. It tends to be need-to-know information and most people are never in a situation where they need to know.

You can be sure, though, that the insurance company understands the law and will do all it can under the law to limit how much it pays out for your recovery and compensation. That’s why anyone in Connecticut bitten by a dog or other owned animal should be working with skilled animal attack counsel such as those at The Adler Law Group in Hartford. We stand ready to take your call, assess your case and fairly resolve your issues.