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December 2014 Archives

How can I know if a situation warrants filing a civil case?

Would it surprise you to learn that situations that warrant civil justice action occur nearly every day to many people, but that none is taken? That's the finding of research done as part of a Community Needs and Services Study performed earlier this year under the auspices of the National Science Foundation and the American Bar Foundation.

Few know their legal rights related to dog attacks. Do you?

Dogs may be man's best friend, but when they attack they can become man's worst nightmare. Even small dogs have that bit of wolf still in them and some have been known to become extremely vicious with little provocation. And when that happens, the target of the aggression can sometimes be taken by complete surprise.

With weather so foul, avoiding car crashes is up to us all

The weather outside is frightful, so the holiday song goes. For those of us taking comfort in front of a cozy fire, that may not be any big deal. But out on the freeways, streets and windy roads of the Connecticut countryside, cars and trucks still are making their way around.