East Hartford Contract Negotiation And Litigation Attorneys

The skilled commercial attorneys of Adler Law Group, LLC, know that running a successful business depends on the ability to successfully work with other enterprises on a daily basis. Ensuring smooth operations requires negotiating, drafting and executing contracts that provide assurance that desired products and services will be delivered. We assist corporate clients throughout Connecticut with a range of contract negotiation and litigation needs.

Experience To Negotiate Favorable Contracts

Businesses that want an edge in the negotiation process turn to Adler Law Group to provide experienced legal counsel. We help businesses negotiate and finalize various contracts, including:

  • Commercial leases
  • Construction contracts
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • General business agreements

We work with our clients to develop a big-picture assessment of their needs and goals, and implement the proper contracts to help them achieve success at every turn.

New Haven Contract Litigation Attorneys

When our clients are involved in protracted disputes over a business contract, our attorneys stand ready to aggressively litigate on their behalf. At Adler Law Group, we think strategically to develop a comprehensive litigation plan to help our clients achieve a favorable result expeditiously. We know that business success depends on the timely resolution of disputes and the ability to anticipate change. We position our clients to come out ahead when a business contract leads to disagreement. We are ready and prepared to assist our clients.

Contact Our Firm For A Consultation

Whether your business needs the experience of an established law firm to help draft your contract or a team of dedicated litigators on your side, our East Hartford contract negotiation lawyers are here to assist you. Contact Adler Law Firm, LLC, online or call our office toll free at 800-693-9147 or at 860-333-5797 for a consultation to discuss your business needs.