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Premises Liability Archives

Connecticut premises liability: Hotels and bed bug injuries

It is not uncommon to hear of bed bug infestations at hotels in Connecticut and elsewhere. These little pests may pack a small bite, but they can do a lot of damage -- physically, psychologically and even financially. Anyone who has suffered as a result of coming in contact with these bugs during a hotel stay may be able to file a premises liability claim against the property owners and any others believed responsible.

Premises liability: Slip-and-fall accidents and brain injuries

Whether they occur indoor or outdoor, slip-and-fall accidents can have some severe consequences for the victims. When it comes to injuries suffered from such incidents, there are many that can happen; however, brain injuries tend to be the most serious. Connecticut residents who have suffered injuries in slip-and-fall accidents due to potential negligence may be able to pursue premises liability claims against those believed responsible.

Seek help filing your premises liability claim

People get hurt everyday in some of the most unexpected places. Accidents do happen that are no one's fault, it's true. However, there are accidents that can be considered the result of property owner negligence. If you were injured while on someone else's property, it is okay to question who is responsible. According to the state of Connecticut, it is also okay to pursue damages by filing a premises liability claim in civil court.

Premises liability: Infant plunges down elevator shaft

Thousands of people in Connecticut and other states live in apartment complexes, and elevators have become such a part of their lives that many don't even stop to question the safety of these modes of transport. Property owners are responsible for providing tenants with safe conditions, and elevators must be reliable and present no threats. Exposing tenants to safety hazards can lead to premises liability lawsuits.

Student injured by falling drone files premises liability claim

Event organizers and hosts of gatherings in Connecticut and other states are responsible for the safety of guests. Failure to ensure that all potential safety hazards are addressed can lead to premises liability lawsuits. An event-organizing company and a fraternity chapter in another state are currently facing such a lawsuit after a guest was injured at a frat party.

Horse riding club faces premises liability lawsuit

Regardless of what type of facility business owners in Connecticut operate, those that allow the public to enter and move about the property are responsible for the safety of the visitors. If any sports activities are offered at the premises, keeping the property safe will involve more than just regular maintenance to address unsafe areas. Premises liability lawsuits may follow any injuries suffered by visitors.

Premises liability: 1 dead, 6 injured in 4 park accidents

Connecticut readers were likely horrified to learn about four recent amusement park accidents that occurred within five days. Each of these incidents could result in a premises liability claim. The latest tragedy involved a 3-year-old who fell off a wooden roller coaster that was built almost 80 years ago. The other accidents involved a 10-year-old boy who was killed on a waterslide, two kids hurt by a detached launch cable and three children seriously injured (including one with a brain injury) after falling from a Ferris wheel.

Premises liability claim follows overdose death at music festival

Parents who allow their children to attend occasions such as music festivals in Connecticut or elsewhere would naturally want to have comfort in knowing that there will be sufficient control and medical care in the events of emergencies. Visitors to such venues will want to feel that they are entering a safe environment. Raves are sometimes known to have elements present that may endanger the lives of others due to the availability of illegal substances, and organizers may be held responsible via premises liability lawsuits if guests suffer injuries or worse.

Giant, red Target balls subject of premises liability lawsuit

Residents of Connecticut may be familiar with the giant, red balls that are present in front of many Target stores across the country. One mother labeled these concrete balls as extreme hazards that attract children, only to cause injuries. This mother filed a premises liability lawsuit against the retailer in another state, seeking $1.6 million.

Premises liability and social host laws in Connecticut

Time and again, we’ve heard about this type of scenario playing out somewhere in our state: An individual goes to a party and starts drinking. He is having a great time and throwing back drink after drink. At the end of the night, he stumbled out to his vehicle and heads home. On the way home, he hits and kills a pedestrian crossing the road. It’s a horrible situation but one that unfortunately happens every year in our state.