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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Connecticut motorcycle accidents often prove fatal for riders

In spite of many safety campaigns throughout the years, many motorists still seem to overlook those who share the roads with them. Unfortunately, there are many motorcyclists who are killed in motorcycle accidents in Connecticut every year. Recently, officials filed charges against a woman believed to be responsible for one of these tragic deaths.

Connecticut motorcycle accidents: Young man killed in wreck

It was recently reported that, a young Connecticut man was killed in a motorcycle wreck in East Granby. This incident is said to have occurred in the early evening of Tuesday, Oct. 25. Unfortunately, this outcome is a common one for motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents: Passenger on Harley dies in rear-end crash

Lives can be lost in an instant, and in many cases, fatalities on the roads follow distractions that may have lasted only seconds. This might have led to a Connecticut accident involving a car and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Victims of motorcycle accidents have more chances of suffering fatal injuries because they have little or no protection.

Are you protected for an accident with an uninsured driver?

Connecticut operates under a set of laws that requires drivers -- whether they are behind the wheel or a set of motorcycle handlebars -- to carry a minimum amount of insurance. Not everyone does this, however. And those who do get the necessary coverage often opt for only the bare minimum.

Connecticut ranks worst of the states for motorcycle road trips

Milder weather is on its way and with it comes the prospect of increasing numbers of motorcyclists on the roads of Connecticut. Southern states may have the advantage of weather that's more conducive to motorcycling most of the year. But all states, including our own, register spikes during the spring and summer months.

Admitting and committing key to motorcycling safety contract

In business and many other aspects of Connecticut life there is a critical rule of thumb that deserves to be followed -- put it in writing. Whether you are entering into a deal that exchanges money for good or services or you are resolving to take some action, experts tend to agree that there is value in putting the details into black and white.

What's does it take for a motorcyclist to be street legal in CT?

There are those who make the argument that it is easier to buy a gun in some states than to get a license to drive a car or motorcycle. That may not be true for Connecticut. Our state has one of the toughest gun control laws around. Things like the elementary school shootings in Newtown have a way of spurring that kind of activity.

The value of inflation in preventing motorcycle injury

Out-of-control inflation is a bad thing economically. Frankly, out-of-control inflation isn't all that great in some other contexts, either. Consider the number of automotive air bags that are now under recall because of the risk that they may be faulty and do more harm than good on deployment. But when it comes to motorcycle safety, there are some who are suggesting that inflation has never been so good.

Motorcycle makers' pooling effort could improve safety

Mark Twain gets the credit for the quip, "Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." Whether he actually every wrote it or said it is a debate we don't plan to settle here. Rather, the line comes to mind when reflecting on motorcycle safety. A lot of people talk about it but nothing seems to ever get done.