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Car Accidents Archives

Connecticut car accidents can change lives without warning

Most young people dream of the day when they can get their driver's license and experience freedom to go as they please. However, so many car accidents seem to involve a disproportionate number of drivers 25 and under. Connecticut police recently arrested a younger driver who purportedly killed a woman last May.

Car accidents caused by DUI drivers often deadly in Connecticut

An individual who chooses to drive while under the influence of drugs often puts the health of everyone nearby at risk. Many people in Connecticut choose to follow proper driving procedures, placing a high value on safety while traveling. Unfortunately, it is impossible to control the actions of others, with many car accidents occurring at the hands of a negligent driver. A recent accident in Connecticut injured two people and took the life of another.

Connecticut car accidents: head-on crash seriously injures 2

There are many different factors that can contribute to an accident on the road. Driving while distracted or under the influence are just two examples of situations that can cause serious car accidents to occur. Many drivers adhere to traffic laws in order to reduce the possibility of a collision, but reacting to the mistakes of others can be challenging. Two people have been hospitalized after a recent accident in Connecticut.

Late-night car accidents leave two dead in Connecticut

Some people try to avoid driving late at night. In certain areas, a roadway may not be particularly well-lit, which may increase the possibility for car accidents to occur. Even if a driver is confident in his or her ability to travel under these circumstances, other drivers may not be as proficient. A recent late-night accident in Connecticut resulted in the death of two women.

Danger of car accidents involving pedestrians in Connecticut

With high gas prices and heavy traffic, more and more people are choosing to walk instead of drive. Choosing the sidewalk over the road may have many benefits, but it can also put a person's safety at risk. Even if a pedestrian is extremely careful while walking near traffic, being able to react to a fast moving car can be difficult. Recent reports in Connecticut suggest a high increase in car accidents involving pedestrians.

Connecticut car accidents: Several injured, 1 killed in car crash

Several people were injured and one was killed in a car crash in Connecticut earlier this month. Multiple vehicles were involved in the wreck. The details of this event are still coming out, but when car accidents do happen, according to the state, the victims and/or their loved ones may have legal recourse.

Connecticut car accidents: 1 killed, several injured in wreck

Authorities in Connecticut are in the process of investigating a multi-vehicle car wreck that killed one person and left several others injured. Car accidents with outcomes such as this are, unfortunately, common. After such events, it is normal for those negatively affected, whether they be victims or the surviving family members of victims, to question liability.

Driving when tired can lead to car accidents

In Connecticut and elsewhere, it seems that fewer people are actually getting as much sleep as they need anymore. Work, family and other life commitments keep so many extremely busy. As such, sleep time suffers. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep can greatly reduce one's ability to fully function -- especially when behind the wheel of a car. In fact, driving when tired has been shown to lead to car accidents.

Connecticut car accidents: Injuries to the spine

Injuries to the spine are fairly common following an automobile accident. These injuries can vary in severity and there are no guarantees that a full recovery is possible. Connecticut residents who have suffered such injuries in car accidents may be able to seek compensation for their losses through legal means.

Car accidents: Pickup truck driver killed by alleged DUI driver

Leaving the scene of an accident at which injuries or death occurred is a serious offense. One of many hit-and-run car accidents that are reported in Connecticut took place on a recent Saturday afternoon. A 34-year-old Newington woman is facing several charges after allegedly causing the death of another motorist. Police suspect the woman was impaired by alcohol or drugs before causing the crash.