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Animal Bites Archives

Animal bites leave more than physical pain for victims

Americans spend billions of dollars every year taking care of their pets. However, while the majority of these animals are peaceful family members, there is always a risk of serious animal bites in certain circumstances. An elderly Connecticut man recently suffered serious injuries when a neighbor's dog attacked.

When man's best friend isn't and you are a victim of animal bites

America's love affair with its pets is well-known and usually encouraged. Nevertheless, pets are still animals and, in the wrong circumstances, could end causing you or a loved one to suffer from serious animal bites. Connecticut hospitals treat their share of these types of injuries.

Mail carriers working harder and facing increased animal bites

Brick and mortal stores are not the only ones feeling the pain from the growth in online shopping and home delivery services. Along with the increased demands on package and mail carriers, there is the painful increases in animal bites. Mail carriers in Connecticut likely have their own tales of encounters with unfriendly pets.

How frequently do animal bites occur?

Millions of Americans are the proud owners of dogs. It is believed that there are nearly 70 millions dogs currently living in the country, quite a few of which can be found in Connecticut. Thankfully, there are numerous pet owners who never have issues with their animals being aggressive; however, there are those who do, and they may be held responsible when animal bites occur.

The benefits of seeking compensation following animal bites

Connecticut residents who have been attacked by animals know that the resulting damages can have long-lasting effects. Following animal bites, victims may experience numerous health and physical issues -- from illnesses to disfigurements and beyond. Aside from the physical effects, such attacks can also cause emotional and monetary damages. Have you found yourself dealing with this type of situation? If you have, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your losses.

Animal bites lead to lawsuit against pit bull owner

Many Connecticut residents may experience anxiety whenever they go for walks. One never knows whether dog owners will make sure their dogs are restrained on leashes, and it only takes one dog that acts aggressively to instigate others -- sometimes with devastating consequences. Animal bites led to a lawsuit that was recently filed in another state after a woman and her dog were attacked by another person's pet pit bull.

Couple faces lawsuit after neighbor suffers animal bites

In most cases, dogs are gentle, loving creatures, which is a large part of why so many Connecticut residents have pet dogs. However, sometimes seemingly docile and well-behaved dogs can unexpectedly attack. Animal bites can leave victims permanently scarred, and in some cases, bites can be fatal. Dog owners can be held accountable for medical expenses, lost wages and other losses caused by such attacks

What are Connecticut residents' rights in cases of animal bites?

Under Connecticut law, owners of animals are held strictly liable if their pets cause any personal injury to a person who is lawfully on their property. It is not only animal bites that can cause injuries; other instances can cause injury as well. For example, if a large dog jumps onto someone, causing that person to fall and suffer a fractured bone, the dog's owner could be held liable for those injuries. However, if that person had teased, tormented or abused the dog, the owner of the dog may not be held accountable.

Bicyclist sued dog owner after debilitating animal bites

Dog owners in all states must have proper control of their dogs and comply with state laws related to registering and vaccinating their animals. Animal bites lead to many lawsuits in Connecticut and elsewhere. A man from another state will soon have to testify in court against the owner of a dog that attacked him.

Animal bites: Pitbull follows victim onto hood of police car

Being attacked by a dog can be an extremely traumatic experience, and, unfortunately, it can happen to anybody, anywhere, including here in Connecticut. It is not uncommon for victims of animal bites to suffer emotional damage along with long-term medical consequences. Police officers in another state recently rushed to the aid of a woman who was attacked by a dog.