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A slip and fall might qualify as a premises liability claim

You get that phone call that unexpected guests are on the way. As you rush around trying to get those last minute chores done, you realize you need to run to the grocery store. So, you grab your keys and head out, never expecting that you will become an accident victim in the store. If you have suffered such an injury here in Connecticut, you may have grounds for a premises liability claim.

A slip-and-fall accident can change your life in ways you never imagined. The initial injury may not seem serious in the first moments, especially if you did not lose consciousness or suffer a fracture. However, many serious injuries may manifest in the hours after the accident. You can damage your spine, soft tissue and nerves in a fall. The resulting injuries can leave you with a long and expensive recovery.

Group claims safety guards may prevent some wrongful death wrecks

Due to the ever-increasing demand for goods, the nation's highways have seen an uptick in the numbers of tractor-trailers. As a result, the media regularly features stories of deadly crashes involving these vehicles. There are likely a number Connecticut families who have lost a loved one to these tragic crashes, some of whom may have filed a wrongful death claim thereafter.

A safety organization is pressing the issue of requiring side rails to be installed on trailers. It claims that the use of these guards has been proved in tests to prevent deaths to the passengers in smaller vehicles. The rails would be mounted in the gaps between the tires and are designed to prevent a smaller vehicle from traveling under the side of these trailers in the event of a side collision. These rails are already mandated by the government to be mounted on the rear of trailers.

Connecticut family may seek wrongful death suit against driver

No matter the type of motor vehicle one chooses for transportation, there is an ever-present risk of being involved in an accident. When a fatal wreck is the result of negligence or willful actions on the part of another party, then the victim's surviving family could elect to pursue a wrongful death suit. One Connecticut family may decide to take such a step after their tragic loss.

According to the police, a 47-year-old man was operating his motorized scooter lawfully along a local road. As he was traveling according to the posted limits, a driver of a larger vehicle was quickly approaching. That driver's vehicle then struck the scooter. The rider was killed in the collision.

Connecticut family may opt to file wrongful death suit for wreck

There is little heartache to compare with losing a loved one in a tragic accident. When that loss is attributed to negligence or recklessness on the part of another, then the surviving family may elect to file a wrongful death claim against the party or parties deemed responsible. One Connecticut family may ponder their options after the driver in a fatal wreck was recently arrested by police.

According to the report, the 30-year-old man was driving a large commercial vehicle along Route 6 when the accident occurred back on May 13, 2016. The victim, a 49-year-old woman, was driving her vehicle in a westbound lane along a local route when the dump truck driver purportedly ignored a stop light. His larger vehicle then collided with the left side of the woman's car.

Premises liability and negligence laws in Connecticut

One of the main reasons that retail stores and businesses put out signage warning about wet floors and other potential hazards is not so much to protect their customers but to protect themselves. While there could still be an accident, not warning others about a wet surface could open a door to a lawsuit over premises liability. Like every state, Connecticut has laws that govern how negligence cases can be pursued.

There are laws that deal with negligence on the part of another party or a business that results in someone suffering physical harm. While the majority of the states have done away with contributory negligence, most states -- including Connecticut -- do have a comparative scale when it comes to filing a negligent personal injury lawsuit. Contributory negligence laws made it difficult for an injured party to collect in a personal injury case because the laws stated that even if the injured party was one percent at fault, then the judge could not allow the party to collect any damages.

Mail carriers working harder and facing increased animal bites

Brick and mortal stores are not the only ones feeling the pain from the growth in online shopping and home delivery services. Along with the increased demands on package and mail carriers, there is the painful increases in animal bites. Mail carriers in Connecticut likely have their own tales of encounters with unfriendly pets.

For the past several years, retailers who offer online sales have seen a growing demand for their goods along with the convenience of store-to-door delivery. Unfortunately, the ones who provide the convenience of home delivery are also racking up higher numbers of dog attacks. While scenes of dogs chasing the mailman have been drawing laughs for years in movies and televisions, being bitten by a territorial pet is not humorous to those who have suffered injuries and emotional distress from these attacks.

Family may pursue wrongful death claim for fatal car crash

Though it is not a pleasant thought, one never knows when a serious car crash can change a family forever. These tragic accidents often result in a wrongful death that will leave not only an empty space at the dinner table but can also leave a family in financial dire straits. One Connecticut family is surely struggling following the loss of their beloved daughter in a tragic crash.

The fatal accident occurred on a late December afternoon last year. The woman killed in the crash was 24 years old. Details were not disclosed as to how the accident occurred or whether the driver was detained at the time of the collision. The 27-year-old woman who is believed to have caused the wreck recently surrendered to the police.

Connecticut car accidents take a heavy toll on families

Father's Day is set aside for children to show their appreciation for the special male role models who have made a difference for them. When car accidents steal these beloved men from their lives, the holiday will always be marred by the tragedy. Two Connecticut children have seen more than their fair share of tragic losses.

Police in one town recently made an arrest for a fatal accident that occurred last Father's Day. The man who was arrested had purportedly been on his way to make a purchase while driving his vehicle at an excessively high rate of speed. The 63-year-old driver then collided with a vehicle being driven by a 31-year-old father of two children.

Wreck that killed 23-year-old man possibly a wrongful death case

Under any circumstances, a fatal accident is a terrible tragedy. In most cases, it's a tragedy that could have been avoided. Sadly, many wrongful death claims arise from that fact that the victim's life was taken as a result of the negligence of someone else. A recent fatal accident in Connecticut appears to prove the point. 

A 23-year-old man had just celebrated his birthday with family and friends a few days before the wreck. According to the police report, he was headed south in a Mini Cooper on Interstate 95 at a little past 1 a.m. He got off at the rest stop in Fairfield and collided with a tractor-trailer whose driver had stopped in a fire lane.

Connecticut car accidents can change lives without warning

Most young people dream of the day when they can get their driver's license and experience freedom to go as they please. However, so many car accidents seem to involve a disproportionate number of drivers 25 and under. Connecticut police recently arrested a younger driver who purportedly killed a woman last May.

The fatal accident occurred in the early evening. Police responded to a call that a woman had been a victim of a pedestrian accident. According to the account, a man driving a sedan struck the victim and continued away from the accident scene. The 54-year-old woman was transported to a local medical facility where she was later pronounced deceased.