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Car accidents cause more than physical injuries for victims

Few things can alter a life more than a seemingly random accident. Though car accidents take a heavy toll on one's physical health, the lives of victims are often shattered in many other ways. A recent Connecticut accident may leave one woman struggling to recover not just physically and emotionally, but financially as well.

According to the police, the woman was attempting to cross a local roadway. She was purportedly using the designated pedestrian crossing. A car traveling down the street struck the woman.

A premises liability claim might help in recovery from a TBI

Many think that a traumatic brain injury (TBI) results from only serious accidents. However, a head injury can occur from something as seemingly innocuous as tripping and banging one's head on the ground. In certain circumstances, an injury that results from another party's negligence might qualify for a premises liability claim that could allow a Connecticut victim to obtain the medical care such injuries require. These types of claims are appropriate when someone who is lawfully on the property of another party is seriously injured due to the negligence of the property owner and/or the party in possession.

If the injury is severe enough, the victim may spend time in a coma. This period can last indefinitely with no  signs of progress. Once the brain begins to heal, the patient will likely experience a time of gradual wakefulness mixed with periods of confusion and poor memory. This phase is often dependent on the amount of time the victim was unconsciousness.

Impaired drivers a factor in some motorcycle accidents

Those who are drawn to riding motorcycles enjoy the freedom these vehicles provide in spite of the risks. There are many factors that can lead to motorcycle accidents, and an impaired motorist can be a recipe for disaster. One Connecticut woman was the latest victim of one of these crashes.

Police reported that the wreck occurred late on a weeknight. According to officials, a 60-year-old man was operating his motorcycle down a local road with a woman passenger. Witnesses did not relate an account of what caused the wreck, but they did report that the driver of a car had left the scene of the crash and purportedly entered a junkyard lot.

State wants helmet law to save lives in motorcycle accidents

The Connecticut Transportation Department has estimated that close to 50 motorcyclists will die each year for the next two years as a result of crashes. These figures were possibly offered in support of the renewed efforts to reinstate helmet laws. However, there are many who are opposed to such laws as such safety measures may not make a difference in many motorcycle accidents.

One safety agency reports that fatalities can be prevented in 37 percent of these crashes and an estimated 70 percent of head injuries may be prevented if riders wear helmets. The state also released figures for the years 2010 to 2014 that reported the number of crashes and the corresponding fatalities that occurred for riders that were not using helmets. However, the number of deaths for each of those five years did not rise above 36, and there was no explanation as to why the predicted number of deaths would increase by more than 11 for the next two years.

Don't let motorcycle accidents spin your finances out as well

Nothing appeals to Connecticut bikers as much as warm weather and the open road. Unfortunately, even the most experienced riders face a higher risk of serious injuries from unforeseen motorcycle accidents. You do not have only the physical pain that these inflict; your finances are often sent spiraling downhill as well.

There are many hazards that you face when out on your motorcycle. No matter how carefully you proceed, there is always the chance that a car or truck driver will not take the time to make sure the way is clear before exiting a parking lot or pulling out to pass a slower car. You suddenly find yourself caught up in an accident. Wearing the recommended gear may help prevent a fatal injury, but you are still more vulnerable to serious injury whenever you are hit or forced to take evasive actions from a larger vehicle.

Family might consider wrongful death suit after fatal crash

The Memorial Day weekend unofficially marks the beginning of summer and an increase in traffic along Connecticut highways and parkways. It can also end in tragedy if drivers do not exercise due diligence at all times. Now one family may consider the merits of filing a wrongful death suit after a fatal wreck robbed them of their loved one.

The crash occurred in the late afternoon on the Saturday of the holiday weekend. The victim, a 44-year-old man was driving south along the Wilbur Cross Parkway in the right hand lane. A driver headed north was purportedly traveling at a high rate of speed in the left hand lane of the opposing side.

If a loved one dies a possibly wrongful death, you are not alone

When you got out of bed that day, you had no way of knowing that your life would change forever. The call that your beloved family member was killed in an accident may be the worst news you will ever hear. If that death was the result of a suspected wrongful death, then the shock may be tinged with anger and frustration as well. Like you, other Connecticut families who have faced this horrible reality may not have known where to begin when trying to rebuild their lives.

These tragic deaths can be the result of any type of accident -- whether it be a traffic or work related accident -- and possibly the worst aspect may be the suspicion that the death was caused by the negligence or willful actions of another party. Once the news has sunk in, you may feel lost and unsure of what comes next. Deciding on final arrangements and how to get through each day may be the best you can hope for from one moment to the next. Unfortunately, there are other details and worries that will need to be attended to as soon as you are able.

When man's best friend isn't and you are a victim of animal bites

America's love affair with its pets is well-known and usually encouraged. Nevertheless, pets are still animals and, in the wrong circumstances, could end causing you or a loved one to suffer from serious animal bites. Connecticut hospitals treat their share of these types of injuries.

If you have suffered a dog bite, then you are likely well aware of the many complications that victims can suffer. It is enough that you have the physical pain to handle, but there is also the emotional suffering and financial stress to endure. If your injury is extensive, or if it was your child who was bitten, then there may also be plastic surgery or reconstructive procedures that may need to be performed -- often over a period of time.

A slip and fall might qualify as a premises liability claim

You get that phone call that unexpected guests are on the way. As you rush around trying to get those last minute chores done, you realize you need to run to the grocery store. So, you grab your keys and head out, never expecting that you will become an accident victim in the store. If you have suffered such an injury here in Connecticut, you may have grounds for a premises liability claim.

A slip-and-fall accident can change your life in ways you never imagined. The initial injury may not seem serious in the first moments, especially if you did not lose consciousness or suffer a fracture. However, many serious injuries may manifest in the hours after the accident. You can damage your spine, soft tissue and nerves in a fall. The resulting injuries can leave you with a long and expensive recovery.

Group claims safety guards may prevent some wrongful death wrecks

Due to the ever-increasing demand for goods, the nation's highways have seen an uptick in the numbers of tractor-trailers. As a result, the media regularly features stories of deadly crashes involving these vehicles. There are likely a number Connecticut families who have lost a loved one to these tragic crashes, some of whom may have filed a wrongful death claim thereafter.

A safety organization is pressing the issue of requiring side rails to be installed on trailers. It claims that the use of these guards has been proved in tests to prevent deaths to the passengers in smaller vehicles. The rails would be mounted in the gaps between the tires and are designed to prevent a smaller vehicle from traveling under the side of these trailers in the event of a side collision. These rails are already mandated by the government to be mounted on the rear of trailers.